The Hogeweyk® - normal life for people living with severe dementia
Co-creators & game changers
The Hogeweyk® paved the way for a new way of care in The Netherlands and has become a great inspiration for others in world who are looking for humanizing care for the growing numbers diagnosed with dementia. Years of experience and gained knowledge results in a clear vision on the future of dementia care. The Hogeweyk® is one outcome but applying that same vision many other outcomes are possible. We strongly believe in the deinstitutionalization of care and the need to emancipate people living with dementia and include them in society.

The Hogeweyk® was realized through a collaboration of different partners:
  • Vivium Care Group | Inventor and initiator of first dementia village in the world
  • BuroKade | Architect of The Hogeweyk® and other Dementia Villages

The Vivium Care Group represented by Jannette Spiering and Eloy van Hal (now advisors at Be Advice -The Hogeweyk® Care Concept) and the architects represented by Frank van Dillen (now DVA Dementia Village® Associates) and Michael Bol (now BuroKade) among others realized the project of The Hogeweyk®.
Cooperation Be Advice -The Hogeweyk® Care Concept and DVA Dementia Village ®
Since the realization of The Hogeweyk® both Be Advice -The Hogeweyk® Care Concept and DVA Dementia Village® Associates have become experts in the development of new inclusive elderly care initiatives. Be Advice -The Hogeweyk® Care Concept and DVA Dementia Village® Associates are two separate companies that can jointly add value to your project.

DVA Dementia Village® Associates
  • Strategy-, business development and implementation on integral inclusive aged care and Dementia Village® concepts
  • Guidance, consultancy and support at the translation between software (organization) and hardware (build environment) for the senior living market and Dementia Village® concepts
  • Masterclasses, study-trips, workshops and keynote speeches on summits
  • Masterplanning and design on sustainable Real Estate developments of living environments for Dementia Village® and the aged care market
Be Advice -The Hogeweyk® Care Concept
  • Inspirational study visits to The Hogeweyk®, world’s first dementia village
  • In-depth study days on The Hogeweyk® Care Concept
  • Lectures, masterclasses, workshops and Keynote speeches
  • How to implement and operate a dementia village
  • Advice & Support on designing your own integral care concept
  • Sounding board
The Hogeweyk ®
The Hogeweyk is the outcome of an innovative and disruptive vision on living, care and wellbeing for people living with severe dementia. It means a paradigm shift in nursing home care. The traditional nursing home has been deinstitutionalized, transformed and normalized. The Hogeweyk is just like any other neighborhood. A neighborhood that is part of the broader society in the town of Weesp. In The Hogeweyk you will find houses where people live together based on similar lifestyles. They can visit the pub, restaurant, theater, the supermarket or one of the many offered clubs. The concept supports unique needs, lifestyles and personal preferences. Living in The Hogeweyk puts boredom, loneliness and hopelessness in another perspective. It focusses on possibilities, not on disabilities. And it goes without say that this is all supported by trained professionals.
Awards for The Hogeweyk
The Hogeweyk was awarded several national and international prizes for the way care is organised at The Hogeweyk.

The most prestegious awards for The Hogeweyk.
Hospitality Care Award 2010
Nominated for the Hedy d’Ancona Award 2010, Excellence in Health care architecture
Golden label for Quality by Perspect 2006
Project of the World, Expo 2000 Hannover
International Hospital Federation Award 1995, for innovative management
Dien Cornelissenprijs 1993 for privacy in nursinghomes